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Woman To Woman


Woman To Woman The Confident Woman, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization created to build confidence and empower homeless, broken, battered, shattered, struggling with addictions, and domestic violence survivors.

Our organization was born out of a movement called "New Beginnings Fashion Circle." During the formative years, we partnered with family shelters to support women living in isolation due to past challenges and circumstances.  We invited women to be a part of "New Beginnings." The Founder/CEO, JoAnn Brown, was inspired to go directly to the shelters to ask the director if women would like to learn the technique of runway modeling for our fashion show.  
The response was tremendous! Women who were victims of domestic violence, low self-esteem, and homelessness were empowered and inspired to embrace a different way of life that promoted self-worth and confidence. During the first few years of our annual conferences and community events, numerous women shared the runway with professional models and fashion designers to promote and embrace their "New Beginning."
Today, Woman To Woman The Confident Woman meets with women from all walks of life during our monthly gatherings. With a platform to remove all barriers that separate us as women and focus on what makes us great collectively! We Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Support, and Exemplify Love to women at our monthly gatherings, concerts, annual conferences, and dinner and fashion show, which are all designed to uplift our audiences.
WTW The Confident Woman provides a range of supportive services and transitional housing to empower homeless women to become independent and self-sufficient while providing low-income housing opportunities to prevent homelessness and encourage safe, affordable housing.

Woman To Woman The Confident Woman's vision is to support and change lives and make a difference empowering women.
Woman To Woman The Confident Woman is an available and accessible service for self-help, case management, and building women's confidence to take control and improve the quality of their lives. We operate through community-based agencies, realtors, and local churches through referrals and Linkage Agreements to assist those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and a safe haven.

Woman To Woman The Confident Woman's goal is to establish a Transitional Housing Program for women.

We realize that access to decent, affordable housing is a barrier that many must overcome to start rebuilding their lives. Our program will provide accommodation in a clean, safe environment for twenty-four months. Participants will engage in case management, educational enrichment, financial literacy, and parenting classes along with an array of supportive services while preparing to re-enter mainstream society.



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